I think short commuting time is better than long commuting time.

If our commuting time is long, we tend to do what we want to do, and as a result, we end up avoiding what we are supposed to do.

For example, after spending our commuting time on doing things such as listening to music, reading books or playing games, we will have less time to do the activities we can do efficiently at home, such as housework and study.

If we try to do what we are supposed to do under this circumstance, we will have to give up some time to sleep, however, this doesn’t seem like a very good choice since prolonged sleep deprivation leads to a decrease of our productivity.



I think long commuting time is acceptable.

This is because we can reduce our housing expenses by living far away from the city center.

I believe that we work and study for a living.

Even if our commuting time gets longer, I think longer commuting time is desirable as long as our household expenses decrease.

Unlike in the past, smartphones and audio players are prevalent today and thus, I think we can enjoy our long commuting time.



Long commuting time often leads to short sleeping hours and poor diet and this prevents us from having a fruitful life.

Humans have high adaptability, and by continuing to do something for certain time, the continued actions will become their habits.

I think we should sometimes  change our habits to improve our life.

However, this is often hindered by long commuting time.



If you can’t get enough sleeping hour due to long commuting time, you should first need to be clear on what you are doing when you are not commuting.

You may be find some room for improvement such as after-school activities, overtime work, being a night owl.

In the past, it got dark at sunset and this restricts people’s activities and people never done any activities which can waste our energy resources.

Before trying to pack many things into your schedule, you need to have emotional leeway to the extent that you can enjoy your commuting time.



If our commuting time is long, we start to use our smartphones while driving.

Needless to say, it is extremely dangerous to focus on smartphone’s screen while commuting.

The same goes with public transportation.

I think we should not concentrate on something while commuting for safety.



As Ms. Crane said, the risk of accidents will be higher if your commuting time gets longer.

However, no matter how short our commuting time becomes, we can’t get rid of the risk and so, whether our commuting time is short or not, we have to be careful on our way from and to school or office.

Although we can be stressed out by increased time and chances to be careful, we can brush up our carefulness and perseverance.

Moving back to my previous story, I think choosing to persevere and increase the amount of money in your pocket is an easy way.

Please control your desire to save time and to do many things, and drive safely.