I think taller is better.

Tall people look stronger.

We all have to work to earn a living, and human relationships is inevitable in most jobs.

Sadly, among the people we interact with, we also meet someone who try to trick you.

However, tall people have less chances to get into such a trouble because they look stronger.

For the same reason, being tall helps to clarify the family pecking order, and this makes it easier for them to educate their kids.




I think shorter is better.

The technology of machinery and communication continues to grow in the coming years, and I think the physical merit gained from a bigger body will become less important.

The demerit of being tall is that to maintain the big body, it has to take in a lot of energy.

As a result, there are more resources and room needed to provide the basic necessities of life, and this is not preferable in terms of costs and space.



Tall people look confident.

We have been taught to behave in a confident way in some specific events.

In fact, this is a daunting task for many people, especially those who are humble.

Although humbleness is a useful quality in everyday life, confident attitude is a key in some important events such as job interviews and business transactions, which are more important in terms of the large influence on people’s lives.

Since tall people look confident by just straightening up their back, tall people don’t have to behave proudly deliberately.

Therefore, a tall person has an advantage.



Since a tall person has more body cells compared with a short person, it’s often said that they are more likely to have cancer in the future.

Also, high food intake and the large amount of air a tall person inhales may result in higher intake of contaminated substances.

This might be a small thing, but the long arms and torso enable a tall person to lift an object which are placed some distance away and this inadvertently increases the risk of hurting the back.

Thus, I think shorter is better in terms of health.



I think a tall person is at an advantage when finding their lifelong companion, and thus tend to be happier.

If you are a man, tall women may look vivacious.

This type of women calls to mind the women who can bring wealth to their families by being active in the society.

On the other hand, if you are a woman, tall men may seem to have a receptive mind.

This image of the men matches with the image of your beloved husband who will always help you whenever you face trouble.

Of course, marriage is not everything about happiness.

However, since having a family is one of the common people’s desires, most people may get happier by getting married.



I think we can’t say for sure tall is better when finding a partner.

If we think about a case where there’s a huge difference in body height between male and female partner or female partner being taller than her male partner, it may cause them to have a complex about their looks.

Although I have asserted so far that shorter in height is better, body height might be, to some extent, an inborn characteristic, and as long as we can’t choose, there may be no point in discussing it.

Both being tall and short have merits and demerits, so I think it’s important to keep the merits in mind and enjoy our lives.