I think we should save money.  As explained by a familiar expression, ”The hundred year life”, we should first calculate the expense needed for food, clothing and shelter. Also, we have to think about ways to get the money to make payments for these items. Now, I have neither positive proof nor confidence that I can get that money.  Since our income will never increase in an instance, I think we should  keep saving money until we see our goals.



I think we don’t have to save money. People can feel a sense of happiness by enjoying freedom even if they don’t have money. In fact, there are tons of people who are living happily by making decisions freely in their lives even if they can’t save money. Freelance workers and remote workers are one of the examples. Many of them got the freedom to work wherever they want in return for low salary. To our surprise, their lives are quite enjoyable and fulfilling.



It is dangerous to feel safe just because you are in the state of being able to earn money. The state of being able to earn money is merely a collection of the promises or contracts made between people or organizations. If you are investing your money into profitable capital or education, there is no problem, but if you are spending your money to buy services or to eat out, you should improve your lifestyle. You may be able to enjoy learning ways to be economical and to abandon what you don’t really need through YouTube videos and books.



I think those who have difficulty saving money do not necessarily have to save money. I think they should focus on earning money instead. We all have weaknesses. Since humans have limited lifespan, I believe we should use our energy to do what we are good at or what we love rather than to do what you are not good at.



By saving money, we can take an action immediately when an unforeseeable event happens. For example, with no insurance and no savings, we will have to bother our relatives when we have trouble making money. I think we have to explain the situation to those who may be involved in the situation. It is not a big deal if they understand it, but I think we basically need to make a spending plan within your family budget, so that we won’t bother anyone. The age we live in today is full of uncertainty, so I’d rather save money as much as possible.



It’s not always true that we live in an uncertain time. In recent years, many people are disseminating various information through the internet, and this enables us to know the problems that we are faced with today and the problems we will be faced with in the future. To overcome these problems, I think it’s important for people to stay mentally stable. When being mentally unstable, people can easily get deceived by others even if they have plenty of money. Mental stability will be brought about by building good relationships with people around you and staying physically fit.