I think we need automobiles.

I feel living without automobiles isn’t much of a problem in the city, but once we move out of the city, many of us will face difficulty living without automobiles.

This is because most people decide their living places with plans to own their automobiles.

Your workplace and the stores where you buy everyday items aren’t always located near the public transportation, and thus I think we’re still a long way from living in the society people can live without automobiles.



I think we don’t need automobiles.

People’s values have changed from being cool to being economical and emotionally wealthy.

As a result, people will less likely to be praised for owing a stylish and expensive car in a conversation with friends and colleagues.

Therefore, I think except those who consider driving an important part of their lives, people can see no merit in owing an automobile.



Today, people can get anything they want with online shopping and I, in fact, live without automobiles.

However, the truth is workers drive and deliver products to our homes.

Our everyday lives are supported by workers’ effort and this clearly shows that we will continue to depend on automobiles in years to come.

If each of us use automobiles in their own ways to achieve their purposes, the country’s infrastructure investment in infrastructure will decrease, and at the same time, the household expenses will go down as well.

In recent years, a system of carsharing was introduced and so, I think there’s always demand for automobiles even if the number of people who own them will decrease.



A great number of people have lost their lives in car accidents.

It seems people have high expectations for automatic driving system, but accidents caused from the decay and malfunction of the bodies of automobiles are unavoidable.

In addition, since automatic driving is characterized by high dependence on machines, it might be difficult to find out who is responsible for accidents.

Plus, it isn’t wise to have high expectations for the technology that hasn’t gained popularity.



In modern Japan, where population has decreased and remote work has become common, I don’t think we can expect further advancement in public transportation system.

Because the roads and railroad tracks will deteriorate, people will be overwhelmed by the amount of maintenance work at the places that have priority.

In such a case, I think we’ll continue to depend on automobiles.

Although there’s a high risk of accidents, automobiles will keep bringing benefits to those who make good use of them.



Japan is a small country and it already has a highly sophisticated public transportation system.

We can build safer and more sustainable society by spreading and developing public transportation system, which enable people to live comfortably without automobiles.