I think single-family houses are better than apartments.

There isn’t a great choice of the layout and the building materials of apartments.

The layout of most Japanese apartments is 3LDK or 4LDK for they are suitable for a couple and one to three children, which results in an increase in the number of walls.

Plus, the low ceilings prevent the house from creating a sense of space.

Even if you find your ideal houses, they are usually expensive and the locations of the houses may not be attractive.

Also, if you want to consider things such as enhancement of heat insulation, ultraviolet radiation protection, soundproofing and pet-friendly policy, I think I have no choice but to build a custom-made house.



I think apartments are better than single-family houses.

First, we can live on higher floors and this allows us to live more comfortably than low floors.

Clean air is a major benefit of living at higher floors.

It’s clear that houses on lower floors are exposed to more dust and it definitely has bad effects on our health.

Bugs which enter our houses are another important factor for those who hate them.

I myself lived on the first floor before and I remember spending hours being cautious about the bugs I’d spotted.



As for renovation of your house which you do after living there for a time, I think a single-family house is your best option.

I think it’s impossible to build a house which satisfy you in every way and so, you’ll inevitably have to improve the living environment by doing renovation or DIY.

As for apartments which have lots of common utilities, it’s often difficult for us to renovate your house and handle the problems that occurred, and we often regret choosing apartments.

Also, in case of apartments, we need to listen to the voice of the other residents of the apartment to a certain extent and there is little room for improvement.



Building a single-family house requires considerable effort.

Considering that we have to decide everything from the material to the design of the house, it’s much easier to live in the apartment which was made meticulously by experts from the very first, and we get some extra time to do other things instead.

In addition, if you bought an apartment and found it unsatisfactory after living there for a time, you can consider renovation.

Although some people think that renovation of apartments is unacceptable, it’s actually possible to renovate our apartments as long as the apartment boards gives permission to your proposal.

In fact, the proposals that increase the property’s value are welcomed by the board.



Compared with a single-family house, the residents of an apartments are more likely to have trouble with their neighbors because there’s less space between them.

Even if the apartment has good soundproofing system, the sound can escape once opening the window, and it causes noise pollution if someone hears it.

Additionally, if you don’t get along with the neighbor who live next to your house, just bumping into him or her at the hallway or in the elevator can be stressful.

Since it’s impossible to choose your neighbors, I think it’s best to live in a single-family house and have an appropriate distance with your neighbors.



It’s true trouble about sound pollution is serious.

If you want to prevent the sound from escaping from your house perfectly, you’d better install the best sound proofing system at great expense.

However, I think most people can’t bear the cost.

I guess everyone is going to make more down-to-earth decisions in views of the future expenses.

I’m also thinking of buying a house for my retirement and enjoy playing the piano, but I also thinking about using electrical piano for practicing.

I can reduce the expenses by doing so.

Also, I think neighbors aren’t always harmful.

I think there’re lots of great people if you choose to live in an apartment where many people live.

Although it’s important to engage in your favorite activities, I think it’s also essential to enjoy interaction with others or find someone you can trust in difficult situation.