I agree with international marriage.

First and foremost, when international couples had children, they can reserve good genes by passing them on to their children.

This is beneficial for the parents who are excited about having a child and the child himself.

Plus, in modern society, being a child of an international couple doesn’t put him or her at a disadvantage.

On the contrary, they are often flattered about their attractive physical appearance and high ability.

Their abilities are welcomed by the society and there’s a good possibility they make a success of their career.



I think there’s a strong possibility that international couples become unhappy.

Marriage is like a promise a man and a woman make for certain purposes, but if there are some kind of differences between them, these differences can prevent them from achieving their purposes.

Different nationalities are one example.

You might have watched a drama depicting a main character who come to love a foreigner and in return, have an unhappy life.

No matter how hardworking he is, international marriage involves insurmountable hardship.



International couples can learn the culture of their partners’ home countries, so they can learn and discover something each and every day.

The same goes with their children.

For example, it’s quite normal these children master the languages of both their parents and plus, learn English, and thus, became trilingual.

In addition, by learning from their partners, the international couples can develop mutual respect.

I think having respect for your partner is essential to be successful in married life.



The people I’ve met so far mostly have problems of some sort about their partners.

Since these people can hardly compromise with their partners about lifestyle and the attitude to their partners and children, both of which have a lot to do with their partners’ personality, the problem may persist for the rest of their lives.

This personality was formed in the interaction of home countries’ lifestyle meeting with others.

I think there are many people who were attracted by the people who was born and raised in foreign cultures, but suffered later because they couldn’t accept the many differences which surfaced after they were married.



Although international couples may face great hardship, as long as they have a passion to overcome it actively, they can have a happier marriage than regular couples who decided to marry thinking only about good things.

Moreover, with the advancement of the internet, it’s become common for people who have domestic problems to seek advice from someone who experienced the same situation, and thus, the problems of international marriage can be solved in the same way.

I think international marriage isn’t such a big hurdle today.



It seems international marriage has the merits which Ms.Crane pointed out, and the demerits which I’m concerned about.

International marriage is high-risk high-return gamble in a real sense.

Taking this risky gamble may be one of the enjoyable events in life, but I wouldn’t take up that option. If the person I pledged myself to spend my whole life with is always beside you with a smile, I’m happy.

Living with people who have different ideas and backgrounds may create synergy, but these additional benefits can never wipe out negative emotions.

Having such feelings about the loved ones itself is a sad thing, and thus, I’d choose to live quietly with the person who has many things in common with me.