I think living long is better.

Things you experienced throughout your life both exciting and sad will all become great memories when they’re gone, and they will be treasures of your life.

Even if you never succeeded after a sequence of failures, in this day and age, you can still find something enjoyable as long as the internet is available.

Unlike the time when there was limitation to spheres of activities and something to have fun with, I think you are going to have more chances to live long and happily from this time on.



Even if people live long, they don’t necessarily live happily.

Not many people have strong passions for lots of things in the first place.

Some people with lots of hobbies don’t even seem to have hobbies they can keep putting a lot of energy into when they are old.

Even so, I think people allow their desires to take over and do lots of things until they finally become too tired.

I think the possibility of being happy will increase if people understand their life is short and think how to live a life efficiently.



Happiness is something you get by proper effort.

Thinking pessimistically about living long and being in a state of lethargy isn’t very nice.

As the phrase “The 100-year life” represents, if you know you have no choice but to live long, you might want to think and make plans about how to live happily.

For example, I’ve been doing my best at earning enough money for my comfortable retirement and trying to train my mind to accept reality when things don’t go as planned since I was young.



If you live long, people inevitably suffer from many illnesses.

It’s just so tough to live without being healthy and comfortable.

Since many countries including Japan haven’t legally approved euthanasia, people can’t die even if they have the will to die in times of hardship.



It might be true people with a dark outlook on life wish their life will end soon.

However, I think it’s selfish for them to think so if this situation was brought about by their own laziness.

I have many great memories in my youth and I feel very sad if I think I have to keep working while my body is going to get weaker.

However, I have an understanding that all of this including hardship is life.

If healthy life years will be extended and exciting and sad times will be extended proportionally, I think living long is better.

Plus, I’d like to continue my effort to make sad times less sad.



I’m not at all convinced with what Mr.Turtle said.

If the amount of good times and bad times is equal, why is it better to live long?

Moreover, although the effort you make to make your life happier sounds very nice outwardly, this effort is meaningless for many people, especially the disadvantaged.

Some disadvantaged people don’t even have a clue to become better.

This may be due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of education and career.

I think all people can have fairly satisfactory life in their younger days as long as they are healthy.

Therefore, if life is short, all people including the rich and the poor can enjoy their lives fully without losing hope to live.

For all these reasons, I think living short is better.