I think having lots of friends is better.

Generally, friends are the ones who share enjoyable time with, so if you have more friends you will get more opportunities to have fun.

Moreover, as for friends, unlike family, you don’t have to stay connected with them all through your life, and thus you can end the relationship whenever you feel the time you spend with them isn’t fruitful anymore.



I think having fewer friends is better.

Personally, I want to share both pleasure and sadness with my friends, but it takes some time to do so when we want to concentrate on my own.

If you are at places such as your school or workplace, where you don’t have much choice in your own action, it’s better to have friends, but unless the purpose of your life is spending time with friends, I think you don’t have to make more friends.



With more friends, you will get more chances to expose yourself to different ideas, and this will bring lots of benefits to you throughout your life.

Firstly, you can see things from various perspectives.

We have to make many decisions in our lives, and many people seek advice from their family or close friends in an effort to avoid making near-sighted decisions.

On the other hand, if you have the ability to see things from various angles, you can make good decisions by yourself.

Secondly, you will better understand the feelings of people from all walks of life, and this enables you to build deep relationships with others.

I think in the Japanese society, where a growing trend towards what we call “the nuclear family” exists, it’s essential to have the ability to build deep relationship with others.



Although I tried to build relationships with many people believing that having many friends is a good idea, none of them made me want to continue from the bottom of my heart.

Our society and the way we think about our lives have become so diverse I have seen friends hurting each other’s feelings.

It’s difficult to notice this reality and we tend to try to make up for it by making new friends, but they will happen again. The important thing is, to spend time with someone you can trust most now, not to make new friends.



Many people might answer “family” if someone ask them who they trust most now, but in the modern society where family size is becoming smaller, we can never be sure that your family is always there to help you.

Moreover, if we put focus on who can help you when you are in trouble, we’re not sure if your family members have mental and physical strengths at that time.

Of course, there may not be many friends who you can trust from the bottom of your heart, but by trying to make more friends, I think you will have better chances of getting help from somebody.



I think it’s too risky to make more friends for getting help.

Just as you depend on your friends with no intention of giving back, your friends will betray you when they want.

You won’t be able to have a real peace of mind if you keep building such uncontrollable relationships.

To build a relationship of trust, I think it’s more important to deepen your bonds with just a few friends rather than to make more friends.

If I say more explicitly, I think we should reduce the relationships with friends unless you have specific purposes, because the effort you put into gaining the trust can go to waste.