I think children are happier than adults.

One big reason for this is children don’t have to work.

If I had enough money to live for the whole life, I would quit my job right away.

If I ask the same question to my colleagues, most of them would say the same thing.

There are lots of adults who work to earn a living and many of them are having trouble living through it.



I think adults are happier than children.

For starters, adults can decide how to live their lives, while children can’t.

Even if adults weren’t satisfied with what had happened, they can accept it by taking the responsibility of their own actions.

Moreover, since adults can meet new people freely, they are able to redefine what they have once thought is failure.



Adults can choose their own future at their own discretion, but this involves responsibility whatever choices they make.

Children must simply do what their parents told them to do and the responsibility of it lies with the parents, but adults have to take responsibility for their mistakes by themselves.

If those adults pushed ahead with what they believed to be nice only to face a series of failures and ended up making up for it for the rest of their lives, nothing is left except a sense of sadness.

I think even if children don’t know clearly about what will happen in the future, they are happier than adults because they can at least dream about their future.



Recently, since many children have their own smart phones and use the Internet freely, the gap in the amount of information children and adults get has become smaller.

In this situation, children often establish their own idea about happiness early.

However, since children have to depend on their parents until they start working, they may have trouble dealing with the gap between their parents‘ ideas and their own ideas.



I think the reason why children have trouble dealing with the gap between their ideas and their parents‘ ideas is that there is little opportunity to discuss their future and the society with their parents.

If parents are oppressive and emotional and can’t have an appropriate discussion, the fact of being a child isn’t the cause of the unhappiness of the children, but an ineffective communication is.

In fact, many parents try to avoid serious discussion with their children, and this has made many children feel unhappy.

With the development of the internet, children today can access to various information.

However, some of it isn’t trustworthy, and thus adults always need to show willingness to talk with their children and tell them the truth.

This will make the children feel that they’re protected by parents and feel they want to enjoy their childhood to the full while appreciating their parents.



I think the reality is that there are few cases where communication between adults and their children is smooth.

In fact, many adults entrust their child’s education to others.

This indicates that it’s inevitable for the parents and their child to have a certain degree of distance to keep the peace in the family or to keep them mentally healthy.

As I have mentioned already, it’s natural that parents and their children have different ideas.

In addition, with the declining birthrate which resulted in the increasing costs of education, children are spending more time with adults other than their own family creating the gap in their opinions.

If the situation where parents try to minimize the opportunity of communication with their child goes on for a long time, children will have trouble getting their messages across to their parents someday.