I believe we should pick and buy the products with a shorter shelf life.

If there are products with different expiration dates, customers who seek to shop advantageously tend to choose the products with a longer shelf life.

As a result, the products with a shorter shelf life will be left unsold and go to waste.

It’s not good for the earth and humankind to waste products which have been produced, transported and displayed using resources, time and workforce.



I think people do not necessarily have to buy products with a shorter shelf life.

If we buy the products with a longer shelf life, some products with a shorter shelf life will go on sale and this will help disadvantaged customers and employees get what they want.



I think the important thing for the privileged is to think not only about they gaining a benefit but also the spirit of mutual support.

This goes beyond the subject of food expiration date.

If people who are financially and mentally privileged try hard to gain a profit from society in every way, the underprivileged can hardly benefit from society.

I think that a belief that pursuing only your own happiness is a right thing to do has contributed to the widening gap between the rich and the poor around the world.



I think that, by having customers who try to buy the products with a long shelf life, stores try their best not to have a product past its expiration date.

This effort is beneficial for the stores because the effort enables efficient operation.



Even if the stores offer discounts on products with a short shelf life and improve store layout, the truth of the matter is lots of products are being left unsold and go to waste every day.

While stores naturally make efforts not to throw away products for their own sake, it’s still better to sell their products without extra effort.

This is a good example of a waste of effort and the arousal of sadness caused by a lack of the spirit of mutual support and assistance.



I think stores should do their best not to have products that are past their expiration dates.

As Mr. Turtle pointed out, just offering discounts and considering store layout may not be enough.

If there’s not much thing they can do by themselves, they should probably reach out to the people outside the store. For example, how about selling the products near their expiration dates to restaurants at a cheap price?

Although this is impossible with the products past their expiration date, if they make a contract to sell beforehand, not only the sellers but also the other party will make a profit.